Monday, August 24, 2009

Justice of the Peace Found Guilty of Judicial Misconduct

A Toronto Justice of the Peace (JP), Jorge Barroilhet has been found guilty of judicial misconduct this month for having inappropriate links with a traffic ticket defence company that he used to run.
Barroilhet has been a JP at the Old City Hall court, downtown Toronto, since 2002 and has admitted that he continued to advise the company (Stop All Traffic Tickets) on legal matters, assisted in drafting legal documents for their clients and even presiding as a JP over matters for defendants represented by the company.

JPs in Ontario are allowed to have a second occupation, but because of the nature of the traffic ticket defence company, it would be a conflict of interest to allow him to continue having any ties with the company while holding a position of a JP. In an
article in the Toronto Star, panel members involved in making the decision against Barroilhet were quoted as saying, “There is uncontradicted evidence that His Worship Barroilhet was aware, prior to his appointment, that he was required to sever all interest, contact or involvement with his former business”.

At this point, we aren’t aware if the outcome of this trial will produce any sort of investigation into the results of cases for clients of Stop All Traffic Tickets that Barroilhet presided over, but speculations seem to be indicating that he will likely be stripped of his JP duties and removed from the bench once submissions are complete.

Barroilhet’s case resumes on September 17th 2009 for submissions on the appropriate penalty for his misconduct.

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