Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Traffic Ticket Solutions Can Now Handle Impaired Driving Cases in Toronto

Since Traffic Ticket Solutions is owned and operated by the Ontario law firm of Home & Castle, it was only a matter of time before we would offer our services for impaired driving and any drinking and driving offence in Toronto. Our professional team (Paralegal and Lawyer) creates the best possible combination for a solid defence for any drinking and driving case.

In Ontario, impaired driving is a criminal offence. This means that if you plead guilty, you are automatically accepting all of the consequences for the matter, which includes a
criminal record! Being found guilty of a drinking and driving offence can be life altering with huge consequences. Some of the penalties could be high fines, a licence suspension from one year for a first time offence to a lifetime suspension for a third offence, an ignition interlock device being installed in your car, attendance of the Back on Track program and even possible jail time!

Not only does impaired driving carry a criminal record along with many other penalties, even one DUI conviction could gravely impact your
car insurance. Most insurance companies will go as far as cancelling your insurance policy all together for up to 3 years and if they do choose to ensure you again after that time is up, your rates could go through the roof doubling or even tripling what you were paying before you received the DUI charge. The fees you pay in insurance increases alone are worth hiring a DUI Lawyer for your Impaired Driving case!

Traffic Ticket Solutions, we have an experienced, highly skilled team: lawyer, paralegal, and administrative staff who are ready to provide you with a free consultation and offer you the guidance you require through this difficult time. We not only offer competitive prices, we offer some of the best impaired driving representation in Toronto!

For further information, please visit our Traffic Ticket Solutions
drinking and driving pages.

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